MuMidi HubLink

MuMidi HubLink provides a means for Musicians to connect USB-MIDI devices together. Typically, this might be a sound generator device (such as a synth) and a controller, such as a keyboard or similar. Its rugged yet stylish design makes it suitable for desktop, studio and stage use.


By also providing power over USB to bus-powered USB-MIDI Devices, MuMidi HubLink can remove the need for copious power connections in a MIDI setup.

YouTube video available at 

MuMidi HubLink now available to order

£99 plus postage and packing


We regret that, due to limitations of Business Insurance coverage, we are currently unable to ship MuMidi HubLink to customers in the USA. This is likely to change at some point. Please get in touch if you wish to get an update on the current situation.