Many of our MuMidi products are built on our MuLib library. We have made these resources available to other developers via a license agreement.

The MuLib library provides a range of extensible C++ objects that greatly accelerate firmware development.


The MuMidiManager is at the heart of our products. It manages the various MIDI Interfaces.


Real-time response is a critical part of any equipment used by musicians. Computers may be able to perform a lot of operations in a small amount of time, but they cannot do everything at once.

The MuTasks real-time scheduler is a framework that ensures that a processors time is best spent on the tasks that are most important. As such, it minimises the impact of increasing operating load on the performance of the system by dynamically adjusting the operating parameters of less important tasks.


MuMemory allows firmware developers to avoid the performance reliability issues commonly associated with dynamic memory management systems.

The MuMemoryManager provides resources from a pool and then recycles them when they are no longer in use.