We are a growing organisation and the team will inevitably need to grow if we are to achieve our goals.

At this time, most of our opportunities to join the team are in testing and verifying the product. We have done the development work, but before we sell the product we want to be as certain as we can be that it prefrom perfectly for our customers. as you can appreciate, there are a vast array of third-party products that our products are intended to work with and it is just not possible for us to test every combination on our own. This is where we need the involvement of our community of MuMidi Users.


Beta Testers.

We are fanatical that our products should work as well as possible with as many other products as possible. But the number of compatible makes it impossible for us to test every combination. Tell us about your experiences so that we can give the best possible assurances to other musicians wanting to use MuMidi products.


Quality Assurance.

QA is a very responsible role effectively taking responsibility for the quality of the products. The Quality Assurance process is currently impacting the development process such that more products could be developed if QA was handled by a separate department.



We don't currently have any vacancies for developers