MuMidi HubLink

Approved Products

There are very many USB-MIDI Devices. We are constantly looking to add to the list of USB-MIDI Devices which have been verified as working with MuMidi HubLink.

There are still many USB-MIDI Devices that have not yet been tested. So far every device that is fully "class-compliant" that has been tested with MuMidi HubLink has worked.

Akai APC mini

Akai Advance 25

Akai Advance 49

Akai MPK25

Akai MPK49

Akai MPK61

Akai MPK225

Akai MPK249

Akai MPK261

Akai MAX25

Akai MAX49

Novation bass station ii

Novation impulse 25

Novation Peak

Novation Circuit

Modal CRAFTsynth

Akai MPK mini

Akai MPD18

Akai MPD24

Akai MPD26

Akai MPD32

Akai MPD218

Akai MPD226

Akai MPD232

Arturia Keylab 49

Arturia Keystep

Arturia Drumbrute

Roland tr8

Roland jd-xi

Roland vp03

Roland system-1

Roland A-01

Korg nano key

Korg micro key

m-audio code 25

m-audio trigger-finger pro

m-audio keystation 49

m-audio keystation 88

m-audio oxygen25

m-audio oxygen49

Nektar impact lx88

Nektar P6

Nektar Pacer

Buchla 225h MIDI interface

Haken ContinuuMini

Moog Miniaur

Moog Slim Phatty

Waldorf pulse2

Nektar Panorama T4

Novation launch control xl

Novation 25sl mkii

Novation Circuit

Roland A-01

Roland jp-08

Roland system-1

Roland vp03

Roland a49

Studiologic sl88 grand

If you are using MuMidi HubLink with a USB-MIDI Device that is not in this list, please let us know so that we might add it for the information of others.

If your USB-MIDI is not in the list of Unapproved Products below and the manufacturer claims that it is USB-MIDI class compliant, then it would be expected to work with MuMidi HubLink.

If, for some reason, MuMidi HubLink doesn't work your product, please tell us and we will try to resolve the problem.

Unapproved Products

We have found some USB-MIDI Devices that do not currently seem to work seemlessly with MuMidi HubLink.

This may be because they require custom drivers or because they do not fully comply with the USB-MIDI specification. In some cases, it is possible that the test was not valid (i.e. the USB-MIDI Device was not in the correct mode when it was tested).

We are working to investigate each of these cases and would certainly appreciate any information that could be provided by existing MuMidi HubLink Users.

Until these cases have been fully investigated, we would not recommend that potential customers purchase MuMidi HubLink if their express reason was for it to operate with one of the USB-MIDI Devices in the following lists.

Roland a-300 pro

Roland a-800 pro

Roland MX-1

Novation launchpad pro

Novation ultranova

Novation Mini Nova

Korg microkorg xl+

Sequential Prophet 6

elektron analog4