MuMidi HubLink-S

The behaviour of the standard MuMidi HubLink is to pass USB-MIDI messages in both directions between two USB-MIDI Devices.

Some sound modules generate MIDI messages when their controls are adjusted and some customers were concerned that two-way communication between their USB-MIDI Devices would mean that these messages would be sent back to their keyboard/controller, potentially changing its settings. By only supporting messages in one direction, this problem could be avoided.

MuMidi HubLink-S is a variant of MuMidi HubLink that has an additional switch to select between one-way and two-way operation. When the switch on MuMidi HubLink-S is set to one-way operation, messages generated by a sound module connected to the lower port of the MuMidi HubLink-S are not sent to a keyboard/controller connected to the upper port.

When operating in this one-way mode, the USB-Device that is sending the USB-MIDI messages (e.g. keyboard/controller) should be connected to the upper port of the MuMidi HubLink-S and the USB-Device that is receiving the USB-MIDI messages (e.g. sound module) should be connected to the lower port.

When the switch on MuMidi HubLink-S is set to two-way operation, MuMidi HubLink-S operates identically to the standard MuMidi HubLink.

After operating the switch, the LED indicates the mode of operation of the MuMidi HubLink-S:
– One flash off = one-way operation
– Two flashes off = two-way operation

In all other aspects, MuMidi HubLink-S operates in the same way as MuMidi HubLink.

MuMidi HubLink-S is available for £115 (plus postage and packing). Please get in touch if you wish to discuss MuMidi HubLink-S further.

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MuMidi HubLink-S now available to order
£115 plus postage and packing