Design and development of MIDI and Music Technology products

With a track record that includes many of the products most loved by both professional and semi-professional musicians, microsonic.solutions are ideally equipped to deliver the technology behind the best new products for musicians using USB-MIDI Devices.


Our MuMidi range of products enable musicians to interconnect their MIDI devices.
Starting with the entry-level “HubLink” (to connect two USB-MIDI devices) up to our configurable “HubMidi-S“, MIDI musicians no longer need to put their computer at the centre of their MIDI setup.


As part of the process of developing cutting edge products, we have produced a number of technical resources that are available to license.
These technologies allow licensees to greatly accelerate speed of development, safe in the knowledge that the resource is robust having been tried and tested on other products.


We provide a consultancy service to enable manufacturers to benefit from our extensive experience.
Some manufacturers also choose to retain us to implement firmware and electrical designs for their products.