The lead developer for the MuMidi products has more than thirty years experience developing computer-controlled products for musicians.

This started with Solid State Logic in the 1980’s as digital technology was starting to appear in Mixing Desks.

After that, he was one half of the team that developed the firmware for the S3000 and S2000 Akai samplers, working with Chris Huggett (Wasp, OSCar synths) on hardware designed by David Cockerell (EMS/VCS-3, ElectroHarmonix).

Later, he built the firmware codebase for a range of Akai and Numark USB Controllers, single-handedly producing the firmware for the MPK and MAX keyboards, MPD pad controllers, early APC and MPC USB Controllers and a range of Numark DJ Controllers amongst others.

More recently, he has developed a library (known as MuLib) of USB Host and Device firmware based on the STM32 microcontroller for use in computer-controlled products for musicians.